Christ, the Light of the World

We discussed in the last article the foundation of eternal life and what it entails for us daily. Many are “waking up” to the truth that there is more to life than it appears, and because of that many are coming out of the religious aspect of God and getting to know Him in the Spirit. We began in Spirit and we will end in Spirit. Death is only of the body and when we realize that this earthly life is only temporary, we will begin to live life to its fullest. The spirit man wants, desires with a passion to be liberated to be what it was meant to be—free! Free of guilt, condemnation, fear, and so on. Meaning all the cares of THIS life in the earthly sense will be eradicated from within us. Not to say all our problems will diminish but we will be able to deal with them on a higher level and thus create a new foundation of mind and heart in which we completely, totally conquer the hindrances of this world. How? By bringing the understanding of our experience in the spirit realm to this realm. Enlightening others to the truth not by what we say but by what we do or rather who we become. In other words, we must BE! The word of God says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Now hold on and bear with me as I share what the Holy Spirit conveyed to me regarding this scripture. Before I begin let me say that scripture is like a staircase or an elevator with many steps or floors. There are many levels to the Word of God because God is Spirit, he nor His Word can be boxed into one understanding. As the consciousness grows so does the understanding of the Word. At one level one may see this scripture to mean to wait on God, to just trust and see what He will do in their situation. To another at a higher level of understanding may see it as letting go of all their previous notions or ideas of who God is and know Him in a higher sense. I will expound on another level here.

“Be still, and know that I am God…” Let us break the statement down for more clarity. “Be Still…”  Still – not moving or making a sound. Deep silence and calm; stillness. When you gaze upon something awesome you immediately come to a stillness because it literally takes your breath away. The same with spirit, when you gaze upon the wonders and beauty of God you are still, you cannot move, you cannot speak. Something has happened to you, you don’t feel quite the same anymore. You try to put into words what you have seen or experienced, but you cannot. There are no words to describe the glory, the magnificence of what was seen. In other words, if I went to an exotic place and saw awesome wonders and came back to tell all my family and friends what I saw they can never really fathom what I saw because they weren’t there. They can imagine (and each one would imagine something different) but they cannot see what I saw. It was my experience, my seeing that has caused this shift in me. Even if I took a picture it still would not have the same effect as being there. So be still means we need to stop thinking, stop moving in the way we have been used to, for when we stop, we can see what it is that God is showing us. What is He revealing? YOU! Not the You that exist only in this world but the True you. The you that is destined to be one with Him. He said, “…and know that I am…” Notice I took out the word or name God. “Be still and know that I am!” Stop trying to function and live by this existence alone, but allow Him to bring you higher, deeper so that you may see and know that you are — ETERNAL!

YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD! You are anointed ones, you are Christ (an enlightened one) in the earth. Nothing is hidden from you now because the light exists and flows in you and through you enlightening all around you. Now there is no darkness, no ignorance. Truth just is, even as He is! So that you may know that I am ALL THINGS! I AM YOU! You are to show the very existence of the one and true God! The Source of ALL! The beauty of it is every person has their own experience, and when they do it shows another aspect of the Source, of God! The infinite, ETERNAL Spirit. He is many-faceted, and we make up the many parts of Him. So, my seeing or knowing is not the only one, and neither is yours. They are all ONE!

I heard it said that Truth is what we see not what we believe. What we believe is not Truth it is a conjecture but once we see then we have found truth. No longer needing to believe but now knowing that what we see is Reality. For Reality and Truth are one! Jesus said, “I and the Father are one!” What a statement for a man to make thought the religious order of His day. And what about this day with the religious order? They believe what has been told to them that this is the case or because they saw it written in red in their bibles, but do they really see? Do they really realize what this statement means? Religion is an active belief, meaning the works they do denote their belief. They are not still enough to see therefore they remain blind or in darkness, ignorance. If any one is reading this and is part of the religious order, I do not apologize for what I am saying here because for one to increase in the spirit or knowing you must shine the light much brighter to diminish the shadow or false light that is shining. “I and the Father are one.” Father is where my consciousness comes from, He is the Source of my being, and through my life experience I have come to the knowing that we are not separate, divided but we are one. His mind is my mind, his heart my heart, his thoughts, desires are mine. For this reason, Jesus could say, “Not my will FATHER, but your will be done.” No longer do I operate by my own will but only by yours. Paul said, “I no longer live, but Christ lives instead of me.” His consciousness, his life lives in and through me. Paul was dead to the world and the world was dead to him. Meaning its consciousness, its ways, for its ways and thinking were too puny, too limited for him any longer. He literally outgrew the world!

Death could not hold Jesus because he had been so enlightened that his body reacted to that awakening. The Father didn’t have to raise Him from the dead, Jesus raised Himself by the spirit, truth, reality within Him. Was He like this when he was born? NO! He grew in stature, in awareness as he walked this earth. It is the same with us all. Is He the only one? NO! He is waiting for a people to come to this place of understanding, enlightenment, awakening. That the word He spoke to Martha may surely come to pass. “If anyone believes or knows Me though he were dead, yet shall he live. And if he lives, he shall never die!” Jesus never said anything that did not have profound meaning. We need to wake up. We have been sleeping far too long.

To be Continued…

Gloria Minatti

Gloria Minatti

Gloria Minatti, the oldest of four girls, was born in Salzburg, Austria. She began writing at the tender age of five and has continued with her gift through the years. She has been awarded many honors for her writing, and two of her poems are featured in the International Library of Poetry, entitled This Way Comes, and The Friend. Her first book, God's New Wine, was published by the Florida Theological Seminary, Wings of Truth Productions. Man's Restored Image followed along with The Great Masquerade, her third book. The Great Awakening: The Mysteries of a Sovereign God, her fourth to be published September 2018. She is currently working on her first novel Betrayal of Color, which she depicts the bondage of slavery. Gloria has ministered all over the country. Her ministry consists of intercessory prayer to teaching. She has taught seminars on healing, prayer, praise and worship, Christian meditation, and Biblical/Spiritual Studies. She is also the Founder and President of Man's Restored Image Ministries Inc. She has ministered to all walks of life, including basketball legend Michael Jordan, and brought forth healing and deliverance to many. She has been in the presence of many great men and women of God, including the late Dr. Benson Idahosa, Morris Cerullo, and William Hinn among others. She has studied Psychology at the University of Phoenix and has her Ministerial Diploma in Biblical/Spiritual Studies. Gloria makes her home in Lynchburg, Va. She is also mother of two sons, Sean Minatti and Rodrick Davis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S2Ht0ZukzQ&feature=youtu.be
Gloria Minatti

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Gloria Minatti

Gloria Minatti, has been awarded many honors for her writing, and two of her poems are featured in the International Library of Poetry, entitled This Way Comes, and The Friend. Her first book, God's New Wine, was published by the Florida Theological Seminary, Wings of Truth Productions.