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Breath of God - Learn to Breathe Better!

And God breathed into him (man) the BREATH of life… Genesis 2:7

The Lord God formed man out of the clay of the ground and blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being. (Genesis 2:7)

As we go through this earthly life we must understand there is a spiritual path we must take as well. Our natural life and its daily function come from a higher perspective. Our brain, heart, organs etc. all relay a very important message.

It conveys what God had in mind when He created us, fashioned us after His own Image and likeness. It is mind-boggling to many when one says such things.

How can we be made after an Almighty God’s image and yet be so flawed?

That’s because our flesh is not what is made in His image, our spirit is. Our bodies are made from the dust of the ground that which is earthy. Jesus came to give us an example of a spirit life that can function in an earthly body.

So much so that the body must come into obedience to the spirit within.

There is no sickness, disease physical or mental that can stand up against the Holy Spirit. Sickness and disease of any kind exist because of man not God.

Yes, He may allow certain illnesses to come upon us at times to get our attention, but He never makes us sick. We are sick in our bodies because we are sick in our spirit.

One of the crucial elements of that condition is improper breathing. Breathing alone comes from God for He said that He breathed into man the spirit (breath) of life. It is more than an oxygen level it is the very core of our being!

Attachment to the things of the world detaches us from true life because the world and the things of it are temporal, the spirit is eternal. Even when our hearts stop, and we no longer breathe the natural air, our spirit still lives because our true breath is our eternal spirit.

When people who are truly interested in gaining a higher perspective of life turn to yoga and meditation they understand that the breathing and quietness they experience is not just physical. The average person allows the physician to dictate their whole being and that is truly off base, backward.

Paul says in the scripture, “First the natural, then the spiritual.”

He was not speaking of a lifestyle or being, he was expounding on the creation of man. The first man was of the earth, earthy, the second man (Jesus the Christ) was of the heavenly spirit.

So, now that Jesus has come and is now showing us truth of our being now we can talk, walk and operate completely in the spirit. The origin of this is proper breathing! We don’t even breathe correctly daily in the natural, how can we breathe properly in the spirit. Our origin is the spirit, but we have no recollection of that.

It is a process for us to come to a place of recognition of the lifestyle of spirit. Everything about living and walking in the spirit realm is totally the opposite of the natural. The two can exist together but as a balance. Its balance will come from inhaling truth, exhaling lies; inhaling life exhaling death, inhaling righteousness exhaling ignorance, inhaling light exhaling darkness.

“And the spirit of God hovered, brooded over the face of the earth…” (Genesis 1)

He is still hovering, brooding over His people, enlightening them to their true calling in Him. It is an individual walk; everyone’s path is different. No two people are alike, therefore, the path one will take will differ from another. Therefore, we cannot judge what someone does “in the name of the Lord.” Only God can judge.

Every day someone is judging another person’s steps, actions; but they have no authority or insight as to what is really going on. Leave all judgment to the Lord and He will bring all things to light. We must put our complete trust in Him and know that He is sovereign, and all things are in His complete control.

I’m not saying we walk around and not answer for anything. Of course not. We must be responsible for our own thoughts and actions; therefore, we should look in the mirror daily to discover the things that must be changed and what must be removed. For when we are empty of our false selves then God can fill us with our true essence. (Please see article Look Into the Mirror on this site).

Yes, I totally agree that God has those who are mature in the spirit and can see and hear what the Father is saying and doing even as Jesus did. These are few, but I know that they exist, and they are true leaders and guides to the truth of our being and can enable others to find the truth.

After taking some courses from the Optimal Breathing Academy I have found the proper number for breathing. Inhaling is 8 and exhaling 3.

That is proper breathing.

I find this is not a coincidence for numbers in the biblical sense symbolize something important. For example, the number 8 is NEW BEGINNINGS, while the number 3 is DIVINE COMPLETION.

Let us look at this: when you breathe in you are taking in the necessary elements needed to live, and when you breathe out you extricate the toxins that have invaded the body, mind, and soul.

Breathe in 8 a newness every time you inhale, breathe out 3 divine completion you have completed the cycle of life.

Think about it?

You cannot live just by inhaling, nor can you live just by exhaling.

That’s powerful, it’s a two-fold action that must be done to live!

So, we see it takes spirit and body to complete the cycle. How do we incorporate the spirit with the body to manifest a wholeness of mind and body? Well, in the article Mindfulness we delve into this. Please look out for it as this is a journey from that which is temporal to that which is eternal.

Please go to to read and discover ways to proper breathing for every aspect of life. Use these tools naturally and spiritually to gain a wholeness in your life. I will conclude this series with Wholeness and by that time you should have gained a greater understanding of the importance of our breath and well-being in the One who created all things.

Gloria Minatti
Gloria Minatti, the oldest of four girls, was born in Salzburg, Austria. She began writing at the tender age of five and has continued with her gift through the years. She has been awarded many honors for her writing, and two of her poems are featured in the International Library of Poetry, entitled This Way Comes, and The Friend. Her first book, God's New Wine, was published by the Florida Theological Seminary, Wings of Truth Productions. Man's Restored Image followed along with The Great Masquerade, her third book. The Great Awakening: The Mysteries of a Sovereign God, her fourth to be published September 2018. She is currently working on her first novel Betrayal of Color, which she depicts the bondage of slavery. Gloria has ministered all over the country. Her ministry consists of intercessory prayer to teaching. She has taught seminars on healing, prayer, praise and worship, Christian meditation, and Biblical/Spiritual Studies. She is also the Founder and President of Man's Restored Image Ministries Inc. She has ministered to all walks of life, including basketball legend Michael Jordan, and brought forth healing and deliverance to many. She has been in the presence of many great men and women of God, including the late Dr. Benson Idahosa, Morris Cerullo, and William Hinn among others. She has studied Psychology at the University of Phoenix and has her Ministerial Diploma in Biblical/Spiritual Studies. Gloria makes her home in Lynchburg, Va. She is also mother of two sons, Sean Minatti and Rodrick Davis.
Gloria Minatti

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Gloria Minatti

Gloria Minatti, has been awarded many honors for her writing, and two of her poems are featured in the International Library of Poetry, entitled This Way Comes, and The Friend. Her first book, God's New Wine, was published by the Florida Theological Seminary, Wings of Truth Productions.